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Your dream job is waiting for you. If you’re looking for work that will challenge and inspire you, a job that will offer tremendous personal and professional growth, then JapanETCcard is the right place for you!

You will work with some of the industry's most talented, driven, and creative people, and together you will help support service members throughout Japan. JapanETCcard is focused on hiring and retaining the best and brightest; we foster an environment of creativity and camaraderie, and we offer highly competitive salaries and benefits.

A company’s greatest assets are, in fact, its people and culture. These assets are harder to quantify, but ultimately underlie every form of value we create. Those who know JapanETCcard well will recognize that this is not just a way to send a message of employee appreciation. It is how we work. JapanETCcard has assembled a remarkably impressive array of capable and motivated people, and the attitudes they share about their work drive the company’s success.

At JapanETCcard, we believe that you do not hire the best people just to tell them what to do. Instead, you agree on objectives, you provide support, you get out of the way and let them achieve, and you let them take credit for their success. It is an approach we are proud of, one that has engendered exceptional loyalty among our employees, and one that we believe will continue to deliver great value to our customers.

Location: Yokosuka, Japan - Department: Sales

JapanETCcard is looking to hire Sales Developers in Japan to help reinforce the sales team. We are looking for Sales experience of anywhere between 6 months and 7 years, particularly with prior history working with US military clients. If this sounds like you, then read on! Individuals must be fluent, written & oral (English & Japanese).
We are looking for someone who:
* Has demonstrated strong performance in lead generation, cold calling, objection handling and closing deals
* Has the ability to learn quickly and to apply new information in customer-facing scenarios
* Owns the confidence to overcome objections and convert mere interest into qualified leads
* Is independent, self-motivated and success-driven, yet willing to work within a team environment
* Thinks that excellent human relation skills and a sense of customer service are the key to a company’s success.

What You’ll Do
You will be working along with the Sales team, and will be responsible for generating new businesses and opening new markets. You will also play a key leadership role in the company's sales strategy.
More precisely, you will:
* Create and manage a pipeline of new business opportunities through inbound and outbound efforts
* Initiate and nurture relationships with prospects both via phone and e-mail
* Identify the client’s needs
* Fix meetings and present our products to the decision makers
* Make propositions and negotiate with the customer, all while knowing how to tackle objections
* Provide feedback to improve marketing and sales efforts

Then JapanETCcard may be right for you.




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