Doto Expressway

The Dōtō Expressway (道東自動車道 Dōtō Jidōsha-dō?) (lit. East Hokkaidō Expressway) is a 2-laned national expressway in Hokkaidō, Japan. It is owned and operated by East Nippon Expressway Company.

The expressway is connects the east of Hokkaidō with central regions including the greater Sapporo urban area.

At Honbetsu Junction near the eastern end the expressway splits into two routes; one route heading east towards the city of Kushiro and another route heading north towards the city of Kitami. All future extensions of these two routes will be constructed according to the New Direct Control System and are expected to operate toll-free upon completion.

The expressway is among the least used in Japan. At the time of its opening it was used by an average of only 650 vehicles a day, the lowest among all national expressways in Japan. As of 2006 the average daily ridership of the expressway has increased to 4,751 vehicles (for comparison the figure for the Tōhoku Expressway is 270,546 vehicles).

The speed limit is 70 km/h for the entire route.

Doto Expressway | Hokkaido

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