What Our Customer’s Say About Our ETC Card Service

  Wise Refund Testimonials 

Thank you. This was the best investment and so easy to use. Thank you for the help.



  USMC / Camp Hansen / FPO / 7th Comm Battalion

This is the only place I could get an ETC so easily! Japan makes it very hard to get ETC cards and credit cards for foreigners, so I am so glad I was able to find this service. Sign-up, set-up and usage were so so simple! And fast! Thank you so much for enabling me to have a great time in Japan :)



  ASA DIgital / Yokosuka / 横須賀市 / N/a

Thank you for your service.



  Navy / SRF-JRMC Yokosuka Navy Base / FPO / SRF

Great service! Having an ETC allowed me to travel through Japan with ease. Stress free not worrying about having toll money on hand. Definitely would recommend. Thank you for providing service for sofa members, definitely will get another ETC if we ever move back. Thank you.



  Not available / Naval Base Yokosuka / FPO / USS Ronald Reagan

Having the ETC was a lifesaver in Japan!



  US Air Force / Yokota / APO / 374 AW

It’s been very fun! Thank you!



  None / Yokosuka / FPO / Ronald Regan

Loved our ETC! Will do again when we move back to Japan in a few years!



  USMC / Camp Hansen / FPO / 31st MEU CE

Excellent service, made life in Japan much easier!



  USAF / Yokota / APO / SFS

Great service. Thanks for the help



  U.S. Department of State / U.S. Embassy Tokyo / DPO / U.S. Embassy Tokyo

I enjoyed have the ETC card service with Japanetccard. It made traveling the island easy and affordable. The team at Japanetccard is very responsive.




Excellent Customer Service



  U.S. Dept of State / FSI Yokohama (Diplomat-U.S. Dept of State) / 神戸市 / Embassy Tokyo (Diplomat)

This service was so helpful. Being able to travel so easily throughout Japan so amazing! Thank you for your wonderful customer service.



  USAF / Misawa / APO / SGCS

I had a "NO" issue with the ETC Card and didn't experience a drop in service like other companies, such as Yokosuka Base. I sincerely thank you for your team's exceptional service with the ETC card. Your expertise and dedication to delivering outstanding service have greatly impressed me. Please extend my gratitude to everyone involved. Knowing I can count on your service for any future needs is a relief.



  US Marine Management, LLC / Camp Zama / Kanagawa Naka-Ku / 403rd Army Field Support Brigade

We appreciated the ETC service. We are leaving Japan and do not need it anymore.



  USMC / Camp Hansen / Chatan / 3rd Intel Bn

Thank you!

 Leyna Jean


  Department of the Navy / YOKOSUKA / FPO / NAVFAC

Best service ever! There’s no way to travel throughout Japan without the ETC card. Set it and forget it. Billed automatically and never need to worry about having change around. Thank you for making our years in Japan easier.



  United States Navy / Yokosuka / FPO / NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center

We didn't do a lot of driving on toll roads but we were grateful to have this service when we needed it. Thank you.



  US Army / Yokota / APO / USFJ

Very convenient when traveling



  DoDEA / Kadena Air Force Base / APO / Okinawa District Superintendent

Thank you so much for the etc services, made driving around Japan enjoyable and easy.



  US NAVY / Yokosuka Naval Base / Yokosuka / USS HIGGINS

Good experience, nothing to complain about.
Great customer service, able to answer in a couple of hours every time.



  Lynceus / None / Shibuya-Ku / I am not a military

Thanks for your service.



  US Navy / Yokosuka Naval Base / FPO / Command Seventh Fleet

You all were so easy to work with. Thank you

I wish the amounts showed up faster in a bill. Waiting 2 months was very inconvenient especially when splitting a bill with a friend or when the amounts didn’t show up on the screen when going through the ETC.



  US Navy / Yokosuka / Zushi City Ikego / CVN 76

It has been great, easy to use and set up. Should have done it earlier in our tour.



  US Navy / Yokosuka / FPO / CNSGWP

Great serivce!



  Navy / U.S. Embassy Tokyo / DPO / Attache Japan

Japanetccard made the process of obtaining and using an ETC card here in Japan for foreigners effortless. We're truly grateful for the services they provided.



  US Department of the Navy / Iwakuni / FPO / Fleet Readiness WESTPAC Detachment Iwakuni

Having (2) ETC has saved us a lot of time and money. The ease of using it is so nice.



  USMC / Schwabb / FPO / 3d Recon BN

The ETC pass worked very well for us and made our commute time quicker and smoother. Thank you!



  None / Kadena / APO / 18th AMXS

Our ETC card has been so helpful while traveling around Japan.



  US Navy / NAF Atsugi / Ayase-shi / HSM-77

Great service with easy setup.



  U.S. Navy / Yokosuka / Yokosuka / COMCARSTRKGRU FIVE

Having the ETC card made it easier to drive throughout Japan!



  Navy / Yokosuka Naval Base / Yokosuka / NMRTC

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