What Our Customer’s Say About Our ETC Card Service

  Wise Refund Testimonials 

A game changer! Don’t hesitate to get it. If I’m ever in Japan again I will definitely get another card! Thank you so much



  DOD / Yokosuka / FPO / DODEA

Excellent customer support and customer service.




Excellent. Thank you.



  Marine Corps / Camp Foster / Camp Lester / MCIPAC

It was great but I am getting another car and won’t be driving as much and won’t need a etc



  United States marine corps / Camp schwab / FPO / CLB 4

It has been great and I will definitely apply again if I return to Japan.



  US NAVY / Yokosuka / Hayama-Machi, Miura-Gun / USS Chancellorsville

Your services have made my travels in Japan so easy and pleasant.



  U.S Air Force / Yokota / APO / PACAF

Excellent service



  USMC / Camp Courtney / Kitanakagusuku / III MEF

It has been great, and super simple to use.
Thank you for the excellent service.

 Seung kook


  US ARMY / Working as Exchange Engineer for Japanese Ministry of Defense, ATLA-GSRC in Fuchinobe, Sagamihara, Kanagawa / Sagamihara-shi / CCDC-AC, DEVCOM

Never had an issue, but questions and communications were always answered promptly and clearly.



  Embassy / Tokyo / DPO / Tokyo

We are moving. Loved our ETC card!!! Thank you!



  US Navy / Atsugi / FPO / Atsugi

Good support service



  Honda Motor Co.,Ltd / Honda Motor Co.,Ltd / Takanezawa / Honda Motor Co.,Ltd

It helps a lot. Especially we love to go everywhere.



  US Navy / Yokosuka / FPO / USS Milius

Great service and great support.




Great service. Made travel on the expressways much easier and less stressful.



  USMC / Kadena / FPO / III EOTG

Everything was perfect. It was good.



  The Embassy of the Republic of Türkiye in Tokyo / not military / toshima / not military

Very easy to use and to receive the etc card. Having the possibility to use the ETC card to travel to Japan was super amazing and very helpful. Totally recommend. Thank you so much.



  DISA Pacific / Yokota Air Force Base / Yamato / DISA PAC Japan Field Office

Loved the product! Will definitely use it again if I return to Japan.



  US Air Force / Misawa Air Base / APO / 35 Maintenance Squadron

Awesome. Thank you, this card made my time in Japan a lot more enjoyable.



  USMC / Camp Hansen / Okinawa / 9th ESB

Absolutely love the service. Makes traveling the toll road stress-free and quicker. Getting the card was very simple and the staff was really helpful in communicating.



  USMC / Camp Hansen / FPO / MCIPAC/G3RH/FMTC

It has been great having the ETC card, very convenient.




Very Convenient Services



  Honda Motor Co.,Ltd / Honda Motor Co.,Ltd / Takanezawa / Honda Motor Co.,Ltd

Good Service



  Navy / NAF Atsugi / Yamato / NMRTU ATSUGI

Great customer service and notification of expiration dates. The website could use some work in simplifying. It has a lot of information, which is a good, but too much information to sift through can also be confusing.



  U.S. Embassy Tokyo, Japan / U.S. Embassy Tokyo, Japan / Minato-Ku / Administrative and Technical Staff

Excellent service and great customer support! Highly recommend!



  US Marines / MCAS Iwakuni / FPO / MCAS Iwakuni

Has been great; easy to use and detailed billing is easy to understand. Thank you for the great service.



  US Marines / Camp Hansen / FPO / 7th Communications Bn

Excellent service, but we’re moving and no longer require an ETC.



  US Army / Sagami General Depot / APO / 38th ADA Brigade

Thank you for the great service while we lived in Japan.




The services was great when I lived in Japan but I have moved back to the US.



  Takeda Pharmaceuticals Limited / NA / Kudamatsu / NA

11/7/2023 Wise Refund Process:

Thank you and your team for the service over the past year or so. I appreciate it!

It was worth it.



  US Navy / NAF Atsugi / Ayase / HSM-77

The ETC card allowed us to travel to all 47 prefectures during our 4 years in Japan. We used it in our own van and brought it with us to conveniently use in rentals in Kyushu and Hokkaido!
The speed and ease to enter and exit whenever we needed allowed for stress free driving with 3 young kids!



  US Army / Yokota Air Base / APO / DLA

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