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  Wise Refund Testimonials 

We are moving to the USA. We have enjoyed the convenience of your service.



  Yokosuka Middle School / Yokosuka / FPO / DoDEA

9/28/2023 Wise Refund Process:

Thank you so much. I was satisfied with JapanETCcard, I didn't have any issues while I was in Okinawa.

I am leaving Japan after 6 years. My trips to the mainland and Hokkaido were easy with the ETC. The service was great and if I return to Japan I will get the card with you again.



  US MARINES / Camp Courtney / FPO / 3rd MARDIV UNIT 4 Marines

Very Nice Company!



  N/A / N/A / 川崎市川崎区港町 / Momu Technology Limited

Thank you for the great customer service!
We will definitely sign up again when we come back to Yokosuka!



  Navy Exchange / Bahrain / FPO / NEXCOM

Your service is great and helped make our time in Japan much more enjoyable!



  Booz Allen Hamilton / Camp Zama / Zama Shi / United States Army Japan

Excellent service.



  Navy / Foster / FPO / NH OKINAWA

Service was fine.



  US Navy / Yokosuka / FPO / Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

Services were good. Sometimes confusing; but probably just because the system is complicated. Thank you for the services. Anyway, thank you for your service to me this past year and many months.



  USN / NAF Atsugi / FPO / CTF-72

You folks have been awesome to work with. I will recommend your company with high regard to anyone who may be looking for an ETC card. Thank you so much for the opportunity to utilize your services. You have been awesome!



  PAE / Kyogamisaki Communication Site / APO / Kyogamisaki Communication Site

Game changer for service members stationed in Japan. Would highly recommend this service if you are driving around Japan and are tired of stopping to pull out cash.



  United States Air Force / Yokota / APO / 374 AW

Great, very easy to use.



  Tokyo Embassy / Tokyo / DPO / Tokyo

This is the best service for foreigners living in Japan who need to use toll roads. Very easy to set up use and cancel.



  U.S. Department of State / U.S. Embassy Tokyo / DPO / N/A

Great service



  U.S. Navy / Yokosuka Naval Base / FPO / COMSEVENTHFLT

Great experience using our etc and the website was amazing! Very affordable and easy to navigate. Best decision we made while being stationed in Japan! Made our trips more convenient and faster to get to all out destinations! 10/10 would recommend!



  US Marines / NAF Atsugi / Kailua / DCMA

10/12/2023 Wise Refund Process:

My refund has been processed and received.

Thank you for your great service the three years I've been here!

The service and functionality of your website have been excellent! From the initial setup to the closing of my account, there have been zero issues, which is appreciated.




Great service with outstanding customer support!!



  USMC / Camp Hansen / FPO / 7th Comm Bn

My family and I enjoyed the convenience of an ETC card while living in Japan.



  US Navy / CFAS Sasebo, Japan / FPO / SRF

Excellent customer service and very easy process!



  DOD / Camp Zama / APO / Hardy Barracks

Great service and easy to use. Thank you and will look forward to returning to Japan and continue using your service.



  US Navy / Yokosuka / FPO / SRF

ETC is excellent! Very convenient. It allowed me to travel stress-free without having to worry about making sure I had enough cash for road trips. Thank you. If I ever come back, I will definitely use this server again.




This was a great service when I used it and even after we left Japan. They have been very accommodating and great with communication. Thank you for the great service over the years. I'm sad that we will likely not be returning to the area but will recommend you to everyone! I still have 1 kid in the Navy that may end up there and possibly another down the road. I wouldn't send them anywhere else.



  US Navy / Yokosuka / FPO / Stethem

8/3/2023 Wise Refund Process:

Only feedback I’d offer on the process is to explain clearly to folks that when they are contacted for their refunded deposit it will come via email and request banking info-you may want to go so far as to say it will seem overseas scam-ish. It took me a minute when I got it just because of the delay built in from closing my account to the refund that caused me to wonder if it was legit or not. Ultimately, of course, it was and I remembered that I was pending the refund.

On the whole really appreciate the service you provide, was invaluable both in Okinawa and mainland Japan.

Card was great very happy I got it for my time in Japan.



  Marine Corps / Camp Hansen / FPO / III MIG

Liked your service



  CACI Inc / Yokota AB / APO / PACAF

Fantastic service. The easiest way for any foreigner to have a seamless experience with Japanese highway tolls. JapanETCcard has been a lifesaver and helped us drive the entire length of Honshu.



  US Forces Japan / Yokota Air Base / APO / US Forces Japan

It was great!



  US Marines / Camp Hansen / APO / III MEF Information Group

8/16/2023 Wise Refund Process:

The process was easy but I had to create a wise account. Everything worked out okay. Thank you.

Convenient and trouble free for four years. Thank you.



  Boeing / Haneda Airport / Yokohama / Field Service

I love the ETC card



  USAF / Yokota Air Base / APO / AFSOC

I loved having the ETC. It saved so much time and money traveling. Japan ETC was easy to work with and provided great customer service! Thank you



  US NAVY MWR / Naval air facility atsugi / FPO / Mwr

8/26/2023 Wise Refund Process:

JapanETC was an excellent company to work with. I was very thankful to have used them during our time in Japan. Receiving the refund amount after closing the account was simple and done all through email.

Thank you for providing superb customer service and support.

I loved this service. It made driving in Japan easy. The process to get the card was also very simple.



  USN / Yokosuka Naval Base / FPO / Ronald Reagan

Worked great and saved me lots of time at the toll booth!



  USMC / Camp Butler, Okinawa / Swansboro / MCIPAC H&S BN, Alpha Company

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