What Our Customer’s Say About Our ETC Card Service

  Wise Refund Testimonials 

The service worked really well for me throughout my tour in Okinawa. Thanks!



  Marine Corps / Camp Kinser / Swansboro / MCIPAC

Great service. Well priced, toll savings alone pays for it.



  DOD / Misawa AFB / APO / MSOC

Great service provided to me. Thank you.



  US navy / NAF atsugi / FPO / NAVSUPFLC

ETC card functions like its supposed too and customer service was always quick to respond to any inquiries.



  Lockheed Martin / MCAS Iwakuni / FPO / MAG-12

Like to travel without worries ETC Card made the traveling experience excellent.



  Navy / Yokosuka / FPO / SRF JRMC

Quick, easy, and reliable. Having an ETC card is a great way and convenient way to travel around Japan. I highly recommend this service.




Friendly and supportive staff. Super easy and convenient services for using ETC in Japan. The recent website updates have been great too.



  USN / Yokosuka / FPO / SRF

Great, thank you.



  USDA / U.S. Embassy Tokyo / DPO / U.S. Embassy Tokyo

It was great and definitely will rejoin when I move back!




Thank you for the great service over the years.



  DODDS / Yokosuka / FPO / Yokosuka Middle School

ETC has allowed me to easily drive around Japan without thinking about the tolls.



  US Navy / Yokosuka Naval Base / FPO / NAVSUP FLC Yokosuka

Excellent service! I hope we come back to live in Japan again and we will use you in the future.

 C W


  US Navy / Atsugi / FPO / CTF 72

This service is fantastic, easy to set up, and incredibly convenient!! I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!



  US Marine Corps / Camp Schwab / FPO / Ammunition Company, 3d Supply Battalion

We were very satisfied with the company. The process to get a card was easy and stress free



  Ashford University / Yokosuka Naval Base / Yokosuka / CVN 76

The service was very efficient. You have to pay a service fee on top of your tolls which is a little much.



  US Marines / Camp Hansen / Nakagami District / 31st MEU

10/12/2023 Wise Refund Process:

Refund posted. Everything is good. Thank you for all the help this last year.

Easy to use, and easy to manage my account. Thanks.



  USAF / Yokota AB / APO / 5AF

Thank you



  Snowball Chalet / Not Applicable / iiyama-shi / Not applicable

We wished we had gotten our ETC Card earlier from them. It worked great and made driving so much simpler here in Japan!



  USAF / Yokota AB / APO / 374DS

All services worked flawlessly while we were with Japanetc. Highly recommend for ease of travel.



  None / Yokosuka / FPO / CNSG WP

Great service!



  USAF / Yokota / Fussa-Shi Tokyo / 374 SFS

Service was great and easy to set up. Made traveling so much easier and saved a ton of time.



  US Navy / NAF Atsugi / FPO / HSM-51

Having this ETC card while we were stationed in Japan was such a life changer when traveling. Thank you for making it so easy for military families.



  USAF / Misawa / Misawa Air Base / 35th AMXS 14th AMU

Services were great.



  Pratt and Whitney / Yokota / APO / Pratt and Whitney

Having the ETC card was so convenient and made using the Highway so easy. The customer service was fantastic and very user friendly. Thank you!



  US Navy / Camp Foster / Yomitan-Son, Nakagami-Gun, Okinawa / US Naval Hospital Okinawa

Worked great. The lifetime membership vs. close account was confusing but we got it worked out. Thanks see ya in a few years!



  USACE / Camp Foster / FPO / USACE

8/15/2023 Wise Refund Process:

We could not be more pleased with our experience with you. Easy and quick process.
You are the best.

I loved having the convenience of having an ETC. It was a time saver especially during high traffic times.



  US MARINES / Camp Hansen / FPO / 9th ESB, 3D MLG, III MEF

It was a great service and I'm so glad I got it almost 5 years ago.

Thank you for your assistance.



  DoDEA / Camp Lester / FPO / DoDEA

This been a very efficient and easy to use service



  Naval Hospital / Yokosuka / Yokosuka / USNMRTC Yokosuka

We used ETC card occasionally but it always worked without problems.



  Government of Germany / not applicable / MInato-ku / German Embassy Tokyo

Great service. Definitely made our travel around Japan much easier.



  USAF / Yokota AFB / APO / AFMC

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