What Our Customer’s Say About Our Refund Process

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4/4/2023 Wise Refund Process:

The refund process was very smooth and quick. Thank you.


  Navy / Misawa / APO / NAVFAC

3/9/2023 Wise Refund Process:

I received the email and set up a wise account yesterday. It said the transfer should complete today.

Thank you for following up and your service over the years. You guys made it much easier to travel all around Japan. Look forward to reinstating the account if I get another tour there in the future.


  DoD / Yokota Air Base / APO / DoD

2/1/2023 Wise Refund Process:

It was very easy and simple. I had to create an account; if there was an option to do otherwise, it wasn't readily apparent. But no big deal.

Convenient, effective, and outstanding customer service. Highly recommended!


  Department of State / US Embassy Tokyo / DPO / Consular

2/4/2023 Wise Refund Process:

I’ve been really impressed with how your company communicates clearly, honestly, and promptly.

From the customer side, living overseas is delightful but I feel I’m always fighting some kind of fight and my decisions would be better with more information but in this case the website and processes with choices laid out neatly were wonderful.

My initial trepidation was not knowing if the company was legitimate because it was only word of mouth but reading testimonials helped.

Luckily I had just set up a Wise account however if I hadn’t, a tutorial may have been helpful.

You guys have been great- always doing what you say you'll do and building trust along the way


  DoDEA / Yokota / APO / Pacific East District Office

2/9/2023 Wise Refund Process:

Thank you very much for your valuable service with excellent customer support.
In future if I need ETC services, I will be happily to contract the service again.

Thank you very much for your kind and customer friendly service.


  Tokyoline co. / N/A / Hiki-Gun / N/A

2/1/2023 Wise Refund Process:

The transaction of my refund went through very easy with no issues and right on schedule as you told me. I had your service for 10 years living in Japan and not one time had any issues. Thank you for everything.

Great service. Will use again when I return.


  U.S. Navy / Yokosuka Naval base / FPO / SRF-JRMC

3/9/2023 Wise Refund Process:

Transferred the money. Thank you. I will definitely use this service again when I get back to Japan


  US Navy / NAF Atsugi / FPO / HSC12

2/4/2023 Wise Refund Process:

The Wise refund process was very easy to use and work through. Wise also has much more robust security than much of the other money handling services, so I’m glad we worked through them.

Looking forward to using Japan ETC if we’re back in Japan.

Creating my account and using my ETC card through Japan ETC was one of the easiest things to do. I’d highly recommend anyone needing an ETC card to go through this service.


  US NAVY / Yokosuka Naval Base / FPO / Command 7th Fleet

2/9/2023 Wise Refund Process:

I had a great experience with your company. You made it easy to apply, and cancel. I will definitely be contacting you again if I end up working in Japan in the future. Thank you!

Great service during my time in Okinawa


  U.S. Army / Torii station / APO / 10th support group

2/1/2023 Wise Refund Process:

I think the process went smoothly. The only think I would do is the email they send maybe highlight the link or make it more known that’s what is to be clicked…it sorta blended in with the email.

Other than that it was smooth and the money was in the account rather quickly.

LOVED the convenience of having the ETC card!! Made traveling the toll roads so much easier!! On Okinawa, as well as, Mainland when we traveled,


  USMC / Hansen / FPO / 9th ESB

2/4/2023 Wise Refund Process:

To be honest, I was very pleased with how smoothly the transaction processed.
I did not like having to establish a Wise account due to banking security concerns, but I received the money quickly and it is convenient.

The most important thing is to explain it thoroughly to each customer that has questions.

Thank you for your message and thank you for explaining this situation clearly.
I have signed up for a Wise account so I am able to receive my refund.

We are leaving Okinawa and do not need this ETC service. Thank you


  Booz Allen Hamilton / Camp Courtney / Nakagami Gun / III MEF

2/4/2023 Wise Refund Process:

The process went smoothly. I appreciate all the follow up you have provided, it helped through the process and also served as a reminder during the hectic moving process. Thanks again. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ETC to others moving to Japan.

Satisfied Customer

We have been very pleased with ETC. Has helped us so much. Thank you.


  U.S. Navy / Yokosuka / FPO / USS Rafael Peralta

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