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1/6/2024 Wise Refund Process:

Adam, thank you very much! You and your team are 1st class with providing service.

Excellent sevice. Highly recommended



  DLA Theater Distribution Center Yokosuka Japan / Yokosuka / FPO / Defense Logistic Agency

11/7/2023 Wise Refund Process:

Thank you and your team for the service over the past year or so. I appreciate it!

It was worth it.



  US Navy / NAF Atsugi / Ayase / HSM-77

The process went very well and was easy. Thank you!



  U.S. Navy / Kadena Air Base / FPO / NEXCOM

10/11/2023 Wise Refund Process:

I wanted to respond to tell you that, the process was easy overall.

I am very grateful for your assistance in set up and the refund process. I definitely have encouraged my friends and coworkers to get the ETC card.

I would like to return to Japan in a couple of years and hope to set it up again.

Thank you again!

We love having the freedom of the ETC card. Less waiting at toll gates, we don't have to worry about having enough yen on hand, and never get "stuck" at an ETC-only exit/entrance.



  US Air Force / Yokota / APO / 88MDG

10/12/2023 Wise Refund Process:

It was a great service, very satisfied. Thank you!

Have enjoyed the ease of travel in Japan, became a lifetime member and looking forward to returning to Japan and using your service.




I appreciate the timeliness of getting my deposit back, but I did not like having to access another process in order to do it (Wise). I feel that you have the ability to charge us using the credit card on file, so why not return the deposit to it? I don’t like that I had to provide a bank account and routing number, access another system/server, instead of your organization just reimbursing the card with the deposit credit. You asked for my feedback and that is an honest improvement you can make. Members shouldn’t have to disclose further financial information in order to get a deposit back….especially when they have routinely paid monthly charges in a timely manner.

Otherwise, I would recommend JapanETC to anyone I know living abroad in Japan for any length of time. It simplified life and travel by car for me.



  US Dept of Education / Yokota / Suginami City / DODEA

Thank you the process went smoothly.



  Navy / Camp Schwab / FPO / 3rd Recon

It was really easy thank you. At first I was skeptical because I didn’t recognize who was asking me for my bank info but once I realized it was for the ETC then it was easy. I think maybe sending a notice beforehand if what company will be refunding would make it better. Unless I just missed that email.
Thank you so much



  Us navy / Yokosuka / FPO / Shiloh

10/12/2023 Wise Refund Process:

Using the Wise app was easy. I hear about it a lot so it was great to use it. The whole process with the etc card was easy from the beginning. Thanks for everything.

Great service!



  Department of State / Yokota / DPO / USFJ

9/28/2023 Wise Refund Process:

Thank you so much. I was satisfied with JapanETCcard, I didn't have any issues while I was in Okinawa.

I am leaving Japan after 6 years. My trips to the mainland and Hokkaido were easy with the ETC. The service was great and if I return to Japan I will get the card with you again.



  US MARINES / Camp Courtney / FPO / 3rd MARDIV UNIT 4 Marines

10/12/2023 Wise Refund Process:

My refund has been processed and received.

Thank you for your great service the three years I've been here!

The service and functionality of your website have been excellent! From the initial setup to the closing of my account, there have been zero issues, which is appreciated.




8/3/2023 Wise Refund Process:

Only feedback I’d offer on the process is to explain clearly to folks that when they are contacted for their refunded deposit it will come via email and request banking info-you may want to go so far as to say it will seem overseas scam-ish. It took me a minute when I got it just because of the delay built in from closing my account to the refund that caused me to wonder if it was legit or not. Ultimately, of course, it was and I remembered that I was pending the refund.

On the whole really appreciate the service you provide, was invaluable both in Okinawa and mainland Japan.

Card was great very happy I got it for my time in Japan.



  Marine Corps / Camp Hansen / FPO / III MIG

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