Pass Through Smoothly with ETC

Wouldn't you like to not wait anymore at toll gates?


The greatest benefit of ETC is that vehicles can pass smoothly through toll gates.
In addition to preventing traffic jams, drivers do not have to waste time making payments.
Furthermore, there are other merits that should not be overlooked such as not having to go through the hassle of preparing cash at the toll gate and being able to concentrate on driving.

Friendly on the Environment

Vehicles do not have to repeatedly stop & go to pay tolls, thus reducing the amount of noise and emissions near toll gates and contributing to the improvement of the surrounding environment.
In addition, the reduction of emission gases caused by idling will assist the fight against global warming.
Please slow down to less than 20kmh when passing through ETC exclusive lanes.
Please maintain ample space between vehicles since the vehicle in front may stop for some reason.
The benefits apply only when passing through ETC exclusive lanes. ETC exclusive lanes will be increased with the further spread of ETC usage.

In-Car Comfort Without Opening Windows

The fact that drivers do not have to stop to take tickets and make payments means there is no need to open and close their window.

This brings many other benefits.

For example, on wet and windy days the driver can be freed from the discomfort of having rain blow inside their vehicle when paying.

Meanwhile, comfortably conditioned vehicles do not have to fear cold or warm air escaping.

In addition, drivers do not have to worry about exhaust fumes from the vehicle in front, thus making ETC a system that protects the comfortable in-vehicle environment.

Saving Money, Wide Selection of Discounts

Control of the latest technology has enabled discount systems such as "specified area discount" and "time of day discount" to be offered exclusively to vehicles fitted with ETC.

Breeze Through Without Pulling Over

Vehicles do not have to stop to take tickets or make payments meaning that they do not have to pull over at the toll gate.

The benefits brought forth by ETC also bring welcome news to drivers of left hand drive vehicles.

Such drivers no longer have to search for left hand drive lanes and drivers will be saved the inconvenience of stretching their arms to make payments at toll gates without left hand drive lanes.