COMMERCIAL Notation for Specified Commercial Transactions

NoJo Enterprise Co. Ltd /  
Expressly states the following based on Article 11 (Advertisement for mail-order sales) of the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions.

Service name
C2C: JapanETCcard, is the pacesetter for providing official ETC solutions supporting all of Mainland Japan & Okinawa, complying with Japanese standards. We are poised to make ETC services simple and more convenient for all SOFA, MOFA, MOC, retired military personnel, and foreigners living in Japan. We are a professional ETC solutions company offering ETC specialists that provide clients with incredible support and customer service.

Business Name
株式会社 NoJo Enterprise, Co. Ltd.

Business name in カタカナ only

Adam Jones, CEO & Founder
[email protected]

Year Company Founded
2013 (+ 10 Years Operating)

Company Type
Kabushiki-Kaisha (株式会社)

Corporate Number (法人番号)

Merchant Category Code (MCC):
4784 - Tolls/Bridge Fees tolls_bridge_fees
* Used by Stripe Japan to process the type of credit card transaction
This will maximize travel point benefits on customers' credit reward travel cards

Japan T Number (Required As Of 10/1/2023)
JP TRN T5021001052313

Travel, accommodation, or transport

Estimate Number Members
Over 12,000+ Customers Registered

Contact Phone Number
(+81) 46-874-7156    International Dialing #
         046-874-7156    Japan Local #

Office Hours
Open: [Monday - Friday] (9am - 5pm)
Closed: Saturday & Sunday

Email Support Hours
24 Hours - Anytime

#202 Takamura building 2-2-1 Honcho Yokosuka 238-0041


ETC Support E-mail
[email protected]

Billing E-mail
[email protected]

Business Content
Providing information and services related to ETC Card related services in Japan.

Deposit Required To Obtain ETC Card:
The customer must provide an initial deposit of ¥40,000 to be issued an ETC card.
They can choose to make 1 payment of ¥40,000
They can choose to make 2 payments of ¥20,000
Note: 2nd payment of ¥20,000 will be applied to their first invoice after receiving their ETC card.

ETC Service Plan Offered:
We offer 1 simple service plan called the "PAY AS YOU GO".
If the customer uses the ETC card, they will be charged ¥1200.
If the customer does not use the ETC card, they will be charged ¥0.

Breakdown of additional fees applied:

Initial Setup Fee:  ¥2750 Rush Temp Card Fee:   ¥1500 (Pickup) Lost / Replacement ETC Card:   ¥2000
Insurance (Optional):  ¥1500 - Yearly Applied Rush Temp Card Fee:   ¥2000 (Shipped) Reactivation Fee:  ¥2750
Declined Fee:  ¥600 Late Fee:  ¥1500 - Every 7 Days Applied  

Japan Sales Tax 10% This will be applied to all service fees.

We DO NOT CHARGE 10% Japan Sales Tax on 1) Deposits  2) ETC Usage

Customer Processing Management Platform Fee of 10%:
This Customer Processing Management Platform Fee Will Increase From 5% to 10% Effective On 1/31/2024
Effective 1/31/2024 Our New Management System Will Go Into Effect. It will offer increased discount capabilities and customer capabilities.

It conforms to the price indicated on the pricing and fees page.
You can read more details about the above additional fees:

Delivery time of products, services, etc.
After customers verify vehicle documents, the account is verified, confirming the security deposit, we will begin creating your ETC card.  It typically takes one week to generate a new card, which we will then ship it out to the verified shipping address, or customers can pick up their ETC card at our Yokosuka ETC office.

Payment Methods

3.6% Fee Processing
0.4% Fee Invoice
Credit Card payments: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Link

3.6% Fee Processing
0.4% Fee Invoice

Additional ¥120 Fee
(Minimum) Applied Per Transaction
Konbini payments: FamilyMarts, Lawsons, Ministops, and Seicomarts across Japan
Refunds: ¥250 Fee + 10% consumption tax for refunds.
Coming in 2024 - Will be announced and made available.

1.5% Fee Processing
0.4% Fee Invoice
Bank Transfer payments: You are responsible for the transfer fees from your side.
You can transfer easily by Japanese ATM and transfer the funds to our Stripe account.
Each customer will be assigned a dedicated account # they will use to make bank transfer payments.

Payment method: We utilize Stripe Japan to process payments.  Credit card payment, bank transfer, etc. Payment period: An agreement was reached between and the customer ID that registered for a new ETC card.  We will process your toll usage from the previous month of driving.  Billing is always two months behind, and we process the invoice on the last day of each month.  You have seven days to pay your invoice to avoid any late fees.
You can see a full breakdown of the different payment methods offered and terms for each:

Service Start Procedure
Registration is required on the website to use our services. For details, please refer to How it works:

- Please also refer to clients My Dashboard: Terms of agreement that explain each process

Cancel ETC Service
To close your ETC account, all you have to do is log onto your account and click on "Dashboard," select step 5 -  "Cancel ETC Service," and then follow the directions.  You do not have to turn in your ETC card, but we would like you to destroy the card from the unit.    
Your security deposit will be refunded in yen once your final bill has been paid in full.  The refund process is available on the pricing and fees page. You can go ahead and submit the cancellation request now and specify the date when you'd like to have the card canceled.

Refund Process
We utilize to process refunds back to clients.  Each client will receive a secure link authorizing them to receive their refund in yen.  The communication between our client and Wise is secured between the two parties.  We do not know the account number where you request your refund to transport back to.  We authorize Wise to the funds to provide a smooth process to receive your security deposit back.  Your final bill must be paid in full before we process back your refund.  There are times, depending on your transaction history, that we may be able to refund back your security deposit by credit card via Stripe.  It all depends on the card you want it to be processed back to and the history of payments made on such credit cards.

Example of Refund Date and Last Bill: 
So if you cancel in July.
We will process July ETC charges on 8/31/2023.  Then you will receive the deposit back in the first week of September 2023.  

So if you cancel in August.
We will process August ETC charges on 9/30/2023.  Then you will receive the deposit back in the first week of October 2023.  
If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us again at any time.

Service Quality
Please refer to clients' My Dashboard for Terms of Use if the communication status is insufficient due to the circumstances of the Internet line, etc.

Conditions For Free Trial
We provide clients a 60-day FREE trial plan to try our services, where the 1200 yen a month ETC card service fee is waived.
Customers are still required to pay all the toll usage they incur while they have the ETC card issued.
Due to the client's circumstances, we will refund if the service is canceled within 60 days.