Safety and Awareness - ETC Usage Warnings To Be Aware Of

Drive Through ETC Lanes at Speeds Below 20 km/h

The barrier set up on ETC lanes may not open if communication between the in-vehicle device and antenna does not take place appropriately.

Please slow down (below 20kmh) so that you can stop safely at any time until the barrier opens and proceed only after confirming that the barrier has opened.

Important: Barriers may not be activated if the ETC card is not inserted into the in-vehicle device, or if the card is not inserted completely, or if the card is inserted immediately before the toll gate.

Please Maintain Ample Distance With Other Vehicles In The ETC Lane

Please maintain ample distance between vehicles in the ETC lane since the vehicle in front may stop for some reason.

Please Be Sure To Insert ETC Card Correctly

The majority of cases in which barriers are not activated are caused by failure to insert cards into the in-vehicle device or incorrectly inserted cards.

Having inserted the card into the in-vehicle device, please make sure that the device is working correctly.

Important: Inserting or removing cards while driving is dangerous.

Never insert or remove cards while driving as this may cause communication errors.

Cards Have Expiration Dates

As with credit cards, ETC cards also have expiration dates.

Please note that expired cards cannot be used.

1. When cards with "highway card/ advanced payment" balance management services expire, the card balance will be transferred to the new card.

2. Normally, a new ETC card is issued by the relevant credit card company before the old card expires. However, as there is always the possibility of a delay or complication in the delivery of the new card, be sure to check the expiration date of the card before driving.

Make Sure In-Vehicle Devices Are Fitted Correctly

Installation of the in-vehicle device requires specialized skills and knowledge.

Be sure to follow the instructions provided in the installation manual that comes with the product.
If the in-vehicle device is not installed as instructed in the installation manual, the manufacturer will not warranty any damage or malfunction of the device. Not only that, but it should be noted that improper installation of the device is a violation of the ETC system usage regulations.

Please Do Not Leave Your ETC Card Inside The Car

ETC cards are a type of credit card.

Please remove the card from the in-vehicle device when leaving your vehicle unattended and make sure that you carry it with you at all times in order to prevent crime.

Cards may become unusable if exposed to heat.

If your ETC Card was stolen, or misplaced, its very important that you contact JapanETCcard immediately, and report this.  You are liable for any charges that occurs on your ETC Card.  We will be glad to place a hold on your ETC card until you locate it, or deactivate the original one, and re-issue a new one.