Options How You Can Best Use ETC Card

ETC Cards & ETC In-Vehicle Devices Can Be Freely Combined

All specifications relating to communication and toll collections are standardized with ETC.

Therefore, users can combine any brand of in-vehicle device and card issuer without any trouble.

For example, users can insert their own card into the in-vehicle device of a car borrowed from an acquaintance, thus saving the driver the hassle of settling toll bills with the car owner.

One Card Can Be Used In Multiple Vehicles (In-Vehicle Devices)

The ETC card owner can use their card on any vehicle as long as it is fitted with an ETC in-vehicle device.

For example, they can insert their card even when driving a rented vehicle fitted with an in-vehicle device.

If a friends vehicle is equipped with an ETC in-vehicle device, you can use your card in their ETC device.

Multiple Cards Can Be Used In One Vehicle (In-Vehicle Device)

When going on a golf trip or vacation in a group, the ETC system provides flexibility such as, "If I pay the toll on the way there and you can pay on the way back".

Toll charges will be invoiced to the card holder.

Important: Please make sure you always use the same card at the entrance and exit.

Toll Gates Without ETC Lanes

Users can also pay with ETC cards at toll gates that are not equipped with ETC.

Please hand your ETC card to the toll collector at the booth.

The same toll payment method will be applied as when passing through an ETC lane.

The following procedure will be applied at toll gates on roads that calculate fares according to distance and do not have ETC gates at either the entrance or exit.
If The Entrance Is Not Compatible:

Please take a ticket at the entrance and hand both the ticket and your ETC card to the toll collector at the general gate at the exit.
If Unavailable At The Exit:

If you passed using the wireless communication in the ETC lane at the entrance, please only hand your ETC card to the toll collector at the exit.


1. The above method can also be used if you enter through a general lane by mistake at an ETC compatible toll gate.

2. ETC discounts apply only to cars driving in ETC driving mode, in principle. A car that passes through a general lane at a toll gate may not receive an ETC discount, because it does not satisfy the requirements for ETC driving. For instance, if a car could not enter ETC driving mode at an interchange entrance because the toll gate was not ETC compatible or for other such reason, the ETC time-of-day discount will not be applied. It can, however, receive the discount by explaining the situation to the toll collector at the interchange exit.

There are Two Types of ETC Lanes

This display shows ETC exclusive lanes for passing through smoothly.

Important: Please pass through with careful attention to the vehicle in front since non-ETC equipped vehicles may enter the lane by mistake and brake.
This lane can also be used by general vehicles paying in cash.

Please pass through with careful attention as to whether the vehicle in front is a non ETC equipped vehicle that will stop.

Also, please drive with careful attention since ETC exclusive (ETC exclusive) and ETC/ General (ETC/ general) displays may change depending on the time of day.
Guide boards indicate ETC lanes before vehicles enter the toll gate area.