ETC Safety - Make Sure You Follow These Rules

ETC Safety Tips: While Driving

Please Ensure Your ETC Card Is Valid
The gate bar will not open if your ETC card has expired.

The in-vehicle device will recognize the ETC card even if an expired ETC card is inserted into the device(a warning will not be given).

Please be sure to confirm the expiration date on your ETC card.
Please Be Sure To Insert The ETC Card Properly Into the In-Vehicle Device & Confirm That it Operates Correctly

More and more drivers are forgetting to insert their ETC card or are inserting their ETC card incorrectly into the in-vehicle device, thus preventing gate bars from opening. Please ensure you insert your ETC card in the correct direction (top/ bottom, front/ back) Inserting the ETC card immediately before passing the toll gates may result in an error as the in-vehicle device takes several seconds to activate after the ETC card has been inserted. Please do not insert/ remove your ETC card while driving since this is extremely dangerous.

ETC Safety Tips: When Passing Through Toll Gates

Please Avoid Dangerous Lane Changes
ETC cards can also be used in lanes manned by attendants.

Please do not attempt to change lanes in a dangerous manner.
Drive Through ETC Lanes at Speeds Below 20 km/h.  In an ETC Lane, Keep a Safe Distance Behind the Car in Front and Slow Down to a Speed Below 20 km/h
The gate bar installed in ETC lanes may not open due to communication errors.

Please maintain ample distance from the vehicle in front of you, slow down so that you can stop safely in front of the barrier, and pass through the gate after confirming that the gate bar has opened.

Vehicles cannot stop in front of the bar when driving at a speed over 20kmh.
Driving in Parallel and Overtaking is Prohibited in the ETC Lane
Never drive next to other vehicles or overtake other vehicles in the ETC lane as this may lead to communication errors and prevent the gate bar from opening.

ETC Safety Tips: If The Gate Bar Does Not Open

Do Not Reverse

In the event you stop in an ETC lane due to for example a barrier that will not open, do not reverse your vehicle as such action is very dangerous.

Please follow the "directions at the toll gate" or "contact an attendant and receive directions."

Reversing your vehicle may lead to a collision with the vehicle behind you and changing to another lane after reserving your vehicle may cause errors.
Please Note The Following Items When Passing Through a Smart IC Lane
Smart IC is an interchange exclusively for ETC.

Please note that limitations apply to operational hours, entry and exit direction, and applicable vehicle types etc.

Please be sure to stop in front of the barrier since smart IC is a system which opens the barrier after communicating with a vehicle that has come to a complete stop. If the barrier does not open even after stopping your vehicle, please press the communication start button installed at the lane.