What Our Customer’s Say About Our ETC Card Service

  Wise Refund Testimonials - Began Wise Refunds To Clients On - 1/1/2023

Its a great service that saved me time and money while I was stationed overseas. Highly recommend getting and ETC card to expedite your travels in Japan.


  USMC / CAMP SCHWAB / FPO / 4th Marine Reg

Japan ETC Card was great! Perfect way to see Japan and worry less about having cash on hand for tolls. Very convenient!


  US Navy / NAF Atsugi / FPO / HSM77

Excellent. I would recommend to friends


  Applied Materials / Hiroshima / Higashi Hiroshima-shi / Hiroshima

Your service has been fantastic, and really enhanced our time in Japan, and will look to use you again next PCS back to Japan. Thanks for this service, unfortunate PCS back stateside this month.


  US Navy / Yokota AB / APO / USFJ

Thank you for making this process easy and enjoyable to use. It made traveling in Japan so much less stressful and fun.


  US NAVY / Yokosuka Naval Base / FPO / COMSUBGROUP 7

Outstanding service. Thank you for making this process very easy. It was easy to drive around Japan knowing that the ETC card service was always good to go.


  United States Navy / Yokosuka Naval Base / FPO / USS BLUE RIDGE

Glad we did this.


  US GOVT / Camp Courtney / FPO / III MEF

Very good thank you


  USMC / MCAS Iwakuni / FPO / VMFA-121

Exactly what we needed!


  U.S. Department of State / U.S. Embassy, Tokyo / Minato-ku / U.S. Embassy

Probably the easiest financial thing that I have done in Japan.


  USCG / US Embassy / DPO / US Embassy

Amazing service, allowed me to drive with an ETC in Okinawa and Mainland Japan


  US Marine Corps / Camp Courtney / Uruma-city / 3d Marine Division

Thank you for your support, it has been seamless and has allowed us to visit much of Japan without worrying about having a Japanese credit card or carrying a bunch of cash with us on trips. Thank you very much


  Department of Defence / Australian Embassy / Minato-Ku / Navy

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