What Our Customer’s Say  

For the time I used your service from 2013-2019, I found it reliable and trouble-free.



Simple and easy to apply for an ETC Card. Made our traveling in Japan Expressway so much easier. No need to worry if they accept credit cards or enough cash to pay for the toll. Would recommend to people who love to travel around Japan.


  DoD / Camp Zama / APO / DLA / Sagami General Depot

Thankful for the support and ease of use! I am only canceling because we are moving out of Japan. Thank you!


  US Navy / Yokosuka / FPO / COMSUBGRU7

Really easy to use for SOFA members. Great customer service and ease of understanding.


  US Navy / MCAS Iwakuni / Iwakuni / VAQ-141

It was wonderful thank you so so much! We are moving now so have to cancel!


  NAVY / NAF Atsugi / FPO / HSM51

Great service! Really enjoyed Japan ETC. Thank you.


  USN / NAF Atsugi / FPO / HSM-51

Excellent. If required very good hotline! Excellent billing. We used card very often without problems.


  German Embassy Tokyo / German Embassy Tokyo / Minato-ku / German Foreign Office

What an excellent service! Signing up for the card was very easy and I received it in the mail shortly after that. Customer service has always been helpful and quick, and I have never had any problems/interruptions with my card or service. Thank you for your excellent service over the years!


  Homemaker / NAF Atsugi / FPO / HSM 77

fantastic service all around.
PCS that's why I'm canceling my service.


  US NAVY / Yokosuka / FPO / CVN76

Thank you for an amazing service and making the process really easy to get the ETC


  air force / Yokota / APO / DISA

This is an excellent service, would highly recommend.


  U.S. Navy / Fleet Activities Yokosuka / FPO / Defense Service Office

Thanks for the great support and making it easy to organize and use an ETC card in Japan. Thanks for your support. Wishing you and your team all the best for the future.


  Department of Defence / Australian Embassy / Minato - ku / Australian Embassy

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