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- You are responsible for any toll charges that you make on the ETC card - See the pricing & fees page for details.

Starting from June 1st, 2023 we are now receiving ETC cards twice a week instead of only once a week.

We receive a new batch of ETC cards twice a week. (Wednesdays & Fridays)

It takes about a week to process and generate you a new ETC card.  See Upcoming Delivery Dates & Times
You must complete the deposit step for us to receive the ETC card the following week.


See Pricing Plans
- On the third billing cycle, you will be automatically switched to the (Pay-As-You-Go) Plan

¥1,200 : Did Use ETC Card In Month
        ¥0 : Did Not Use ETC Card In Month


    ETC Documentation Verification
1. Vehicle Registration (Shaken)
2. ETC Setup Document

Both Documents:
MUST MATCH the Owner Details and License Plate

- NEXCO Policy: ETC setup ensures that the ETC unit installed is properly registered to the correct vehicle type, and also ensures that proper discounts will apply to your vehicle


    Two Options Available
A: One Payment Deposit of ¥40,000
B: * Two Separate Payments of ¥20,000
* The minimum required to receive the card immediately is if you select the ¥20,000, the second payment you will not have to pay until the first month of your billing, which is 1 month after receiving your ETC card.

- The ETC card provide clients an UNLIMITED line of credit
- IF YOU DO NOT PLAN AHEAD, you can get yourself in trouble.

- This ETC card is NOT PRE-PAID. You pay what you drive the following month.
     Example: JULY ETC Usage / Pay Invoice: 8/31
     Example: OCT ETC Usage / Pay Invoice: 11/30

- Always processes the payment on the last day of each month for what you drove the previous month in toll usage.
- Please be responsible and cautious before you drive long trips.


- Upon your decision to cancel with us and your FINAL bill has been PAID the security deposit is FULLY refundable

- If you had the ETC unit installed and activated, we will not reimburse the expenses that you had to pay at AUTOBACS or YELLOWHAT.

- Before we can refund the deposit, we must wait until the following month from the last time you used the ETC tolls to ensure you do not have an outstanding balance before we return the deposit.

     Example: Canceled in July / Pay Invoice: 8/31
     Receive Deposit Back First Day of September

- Once your final bill has been paid in full, the security deposit will be refunded to the refund methods available on the pricing and fees page.

A customer may only receive the 60-day trial once . If a customer attempts to register a second time in the future, he or she will not be eligible for trial option