What is an In-Vehicle Device?

ETC systems can be used simply by inserting the ETC card into the in-vehicle device.

The ETC in-vehicle device is equipped with a function which wirelessly communicates with the antenna set up at the toll booths to send and receive vehicle information necessary for paying the appropriate toll fare.

However, the device does not have payment (settlement) functions hence the need to insert an ETC card into the device.

ETC in-vehicle devices are available from automobile manufacturers, automobile parts manufacturers, car equipment manufacturers, and home appliance manufacturers.

Receiving Errors on ETC Unit Device?  Check the Possible Error Codes

There are 3 Main Types of ETC In-Vehicle Devices

1. Two Piece Type:

This type combines the antenna with the main body including the ETC information processing function and ETC card insertion slot into one package and can be fitted to areas such as the dashboard that will not interfere with wireless communication.

This type is commonly referred to as a "two piece type" since it consists of the ETC in-vehicle device and the ETC card.


2. Three Piece Type:

This type has an antenna that is separate from the main body of the device.

With the three piece type, a small antenna is fitted to the dashboard and the main body can be fitted anywhere inside the vehicle as long as it does not interfere with handling of the ETC card.

This type is commonly referred to as a "three piece type" since it is made from three parts, the main ETC in-vehicle device, the antenna, and ETC card.


3. Built-In Type:

This type sold by automobile manufacturers has a design which is coordinated with the vehicle interior.

Various types have been made available by manufacturers such as those with antennas built into the room mirror or those whose main body is fitted inside the center panel.

Built-in types come in both two piece types and three piece types.

Built in types are not available on some vehicle models. Please contact your car dealer for details.
In some cases, built-in types can only be mounted at the time of purchase of a new vehicle. Please contact your car dealer for details.

Advanced in-vehicle devices that are integrated with car navigation systems are also available on the market. Please contact the manufacturer or retailer directly for information on the availability of such products and their car navigation linked functions.