About ETC Error Codes

Learn More About Built-in ETC Units

Error Code 1

ETC card inserted wrong. Check if it's inserted right. Try to take it out and insert it again.

Error Code 2

ETC card data was processed wrong. Check if it's inserted right. Try to take it out and insert it again. Wipe the IC tip with soft material.

Error Code 3

Is something wrong with the ETC card? Check if it's inserted correctly. Try to take it out and insert it again. Wipe the IC tip with soft material.

Error Code 4

Malfunction of ETC unit: Stop the car and start it again, and if it still gives you an error, call the store where you have installed the unit.

Error Code 5

Malfunction of ETC card: Check if it's legit and ensure it is inserted correctly.

Error Code 6

Malfunction of ETC unit

Error Code 7

Malfunction of signal: There is an error between the ETC unit and the toll booth. Follow directions from the conductor.

Error Code 8

Malfunction of Entry for ETC card STOP sign might be shown at the toll gate. After you stop your car at the gate, follow the conductor.

Error Code 80 - 89

Depends on the manufacturer of the unit

ETC Card Is Not Working, Please Follow Steps Below

The most important tip is to insert the ETC card properly, with the arrow pointing forward.

Occasionally, you have an ETC unit installed upside down, so you have to turn the card in the other direction upside down but still insert the arrow going in first. Most importantly, you see a GREEN or BLUE indicator on your ETC unit to show it's inserted in properly.

Also, when you drive through the first time, it is always recommended to go through a toll gate with a GREEN/PURPLE lane, just in case the gate doesn't open; you can grab a toll ticket instead of just being stuck as you would be in a PURPLE only lane.

Also, a good tip: if you ever find yourself using the ETC card and the vehicle you are in doesn't have an ETC unit, you can always hand the teller your ETC card, and they can charge the tolls manually with the toll ticket.

Please let us know if everything worked out with troubleshooting your ETC card.

The first step is removing the card. Insert in and ensure it's GREEN OR BLUE on the ETC unit.

That's the first good indication.

If it's not green or blue on your indicator, you reverse it or put it another way in arrows pointing in.

Go through a GREEN/PURPLE lane the first time; for safety, this is only in case the ETC GATE doesn't open automatically. You can grab a ticket.

So let's say it doesn't open, and you have to grab a ticket; when you exit that lane, go through the GREEN lane manual teller and hand him your ETC card with the ticket.

If he can charge that ETC card with your manual toll ticket, you know the ETC card is working correctly.

If that is the case, there is likely something lost or wrong with the ETC unit.

People report that the most common problem is possibly a loose cable from the ETC unit at times.

They go to AUTOBACS/YELLOWHAT and ask them to check.
And it typically does the trick.

But if they can charge the card manually, the card works. But the first step we want to see is the green or blue indication on the ETC unit. Just inserting can give you a good sign, or any error codes on the unit can also help determine the problem.