Japan Radio Law Related Bill:

ETC Old Devices Not Authorized On Japan Highways

The 2022 issue of ETC is that due to the revision of the Radio Law-related bill, ETC on-board units that use the old standard will not be usable after December 1st, 2022.

Using an ETC unit that emits unnecessary radio waves called "Spurious" will be a violation of the Radio Law.

To explain it a little more clearly, it will be legally unusable, so even after 2022, the ETC radio band will remain the same and the communication function of the in-vehicle device will not be lost.

In other words, there is no such thing as "Can't pass through the ETC lane".

Note: Please be aware that some old ETC onboard units will be unusable legally.

Note: Autobacs or Yellowhat or any ETC set-up shop might inform you that they can not help you to re-set up the unit that you have installed to your vehicle or to install units that use the old standard.

However, the fact that it cannot be used legally means that if you continue to use the ETC on-board unit manufactured based on the old Spurious standard, it may violate the Radio Law, so please take action as soon as possible.

How to identify ETC that can no longer be used?

ETC units manufactured before 2007 by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism are subject to regulation.

It is not possible to judge from the appearance of the ETC device you have
- The contents described in the main body, the serial number of the device:
(19-digit identification number) written on the ETC setup document, the device warranty, etc.

It is necessary to check the websites of device manufacturers and automobile manufacturers or to visit car accessory stores such as Autobacs or Yellowhat and they should be able to clarify.

In addition to the Spurious standard issue related to the Radio Law this time, the security standard of ETC is scheduled to be changed by around 2030.

It is not expected that there will be a lot of users of unusable ETC units due to the 2022 issue but it is expected that there will be a lot more devices that will be legally unusable due to the 2030 issue.