Our Features

#1 Best Customer Support

- Japanese & English Qualified ETC Specialists Support.
- Hands down we take customers as our priority!
- People that know and have used us, know our speed and responsiveness speak for themselves.
- Every customer matters to us, and we treat everyone with the satisfaction and attention they deserve.
- Questions answered as accurately and fast as humanly possible.


Toll Receipts & Travel Claims

- Breakdown of toll road usage in English
- ETC Website in English - Explanation of Discounts, Monthly Invoices Available in English, Taking Trip? We Can Help, Free Toll Fee Quotes

Great For Those Deployed

- You Don't Pay Unless You Use The ETC card.
- Don't worry about being charged when you are not in Japan!

Foreigner Friendly

- SOFA, MOFA, MOC, Retired
- All Foreigners In Japan Eligible
* Every vehicle may not be eligible.
* The vehicle must be in your name to be eligible.

Earn Commuter Mileage

- Mileage Benefits Time & Distance Based
- New 2030 ETC Card provides commuter discounts and mileage credited later on
- These discounts do not apply instantly through the toll gate.
- Credit Applied On Invoice
* Every road and time may not be eligible.
* Every vehicle may not be eligible.
* Manual tolls charged may not be eligible.
* Registered by our company for eligibility.

Security Deposit On File

Billing 2 Months Behind
- You Drive Highway This Month,
Pay That Driving Following Month
- ¥40,000 Primary Account
- ¥20,000 Additional ETC Card
Fully Refundable in Yen: After Final Bill


Yearly Tax Report

End-of-Year ETC Usage Tax Reports Consolidated

Access Billing Portal

Access Dashboard 24 Hours A Day!
Systems Status Board 

Consolidated Invoice Every Month

- You will receive one invoice every month for ALL toll charges you incurred the month prior.
- We will always process the invoice on the last day of each month.
- Charges will be automatically processed with credit card payment on file or bank transfer invoice.

Earn Points & Miles

- Accrue Points & Miles via Credit Cards
- MCC is 4784 for Tolls/Bridge Fees
Why Is this MCC 4784 Important?
* Maximizes benefits on credit travel cards

ETC Instant & Holiday Discounts

- Many roads offer instant savings driving through toll gates based on distance and time-based discounts.
- Driving in Japan with ETC is always the smartest and cheapest method over regular toll tickets.
- These discounts are applied instantly through the toll gate.
* Every road and time may not be eligible.
* Every vehicle may not be eligible.
* Holiday discounts may not be eligible.