Our Features

Unparalleled Customer Service

- Qualified Japanese and English-speaking ETC specialists.
- Customer satisfaction is our top priority.
- Renowned for our swift and responsive service.
- Dedicated to providing accurate and timely assistance to every customer.
- Inquiries are addressed with utmost efficiency.


Toll Receipts and Travel Claims

- Detailed breakdown of toll road usage in English.
- ETC website in English, including explanations of discounts, monthly invoices, trip planning assistance, and free toll fee quotes.

Ideal for Deployed Personnel

- No charges incurred unless the ETC card is used.
- No need to worry about being billed when not in Japan.

Foreigner-Friendly Service

- Available to SOFA, MOFA, MOC, and retired personnel.
- All foreigners in Japan are eligible.
* Not all vehicles may qualify.
* The vehicle must be registered in your name.

Earn Commuter Mileage

- Mileage benefits based on time and distance.
- The new 2030 ETC Card provides commuter discounts and mileage credits.
- These discounts are not applied instantly at the toll gate.
- 100% mileage credits applied on the invoice.
* Not all roads and times may be eligible.
* Not all vehicles may be eligible.
* Manual tolls may not be eligible.
* Registration through our company is required for eligibility.

Refundable Security Deposit

Billing is two months behind
- You drive on highways this month,
Pay for that driving the following month
- ¥40,000 deposit for primary account
- ¥20,000 deposit for additional ETC cards
Fully refundable in yen after final bill


Yearly Tax Report

Consolidated end-of-year ETC usage tax reports.

24/7 Billing Portal Access

Access the dashboard 24 hours a day!
Systems Status Board 

Consolidated Monthly Invoice

- You will receive one invoice per month for all toll charges incurred the previous month.
- Invoices are processed on the last day of each month.
- Charges will be automatically processed with the credit card payment or bank transfer on file.

Earn Points and Miles

- Accrue points and miles by using credit cards.
- MCC is 4784 for tolls/bridge fees.
Why is MCC 4784 important?
* Maximizes benefits on travel credit cards.

ETC Instant and Holiday Discounts

- Many roads offer instant savings at toll gates based on distance and time-based discounts.
- Driving in Japan with ETC is always the most cost-effective method compared to regular toll tickets.
- These discounts are applied instantly at the toll gate.
* Not all roads and times may be eligible.
* Not all vehicles may be eligible.
* Holiday discounts may not be eligible.