Comprehensive ETC Provider Comparison in Japan

At JapanETCcard, we understand that choosing the right ETC provider is crucial for a hassle-free driving experience in Japan. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have compiled a comprehensive comparison chart that evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of leading ETC providers in the market.

Our in-depth analysis considers various factors, including pricing structures, customer support, additional services offered, and user reviews. By presenting this detailed comparison, we aim to empower you with the knowledge necessary to select the ETC provider that best aligns with your needs and preferences.

Whether you're a frequent traveler, a business professional, or a local resident, our comparison chart will serve as a valuable resource, allowing you to assess and contrast the offerings of different companies side by side. With transparency and objectivity as our guiding principles, we strive to provide an unbiased evaluation, enabling you to make an informed choice and obtain an ETC card that seamlessly integrates into your driving experience in Japan.

Feature NEXCO Pre-Paid Bank / Post Office OnBase JapanETCcard
Offices Located: Throughout Japan Throughout Japan On Selected Military Bases Throughout Japan
Eligibility: Zairyu Card & Japanese Zairyu Card & Japanese SOFA SOFA/MOFA/MOC & All Foreigners
ETC Web Portal:
Register For ETC Card: Submit Package By Mail Submit Package By Mail In Person Selected Bases 100% Processed Online or Yokosuka ETC Office
Receive ETC Card: 2-3 Weeks Waiting 2-3 Weeks Waiting On Selected Bases Daily New Issued ETC Cards Every Friday
Additional % Provider Fee: 0% Fee (+) of Toll Charges 0% Fee (+) of Toll Charges 10% Fee (+) of Toll Charges * See Pricing Page
Extra 10% Tax Fee on Tolls: 0% Tax (+) of Toll Charges 0% Tax (+) of Toll Charges 10% Tax (+) of Toll Charges 0% Tax (+) of Toll Charges
Deposit Req. (Refundable): Min: ¥40,000/Max: x2 Months ¥0: Bank or ¥40,000: Post Office $300.00 (USD) ¥40,000 (Option: ¥20,000 x2 Payments)
Insurance Plan (Optional): ¥1500 Yearly (Optional)
NSF/Declined Fee: $30.00 (USD) ¥600 / (Insurance Option: ¥0)
Late Payments % Fee: 5% Additional Penalty ¥1,500; See Pricing Page
Credit Card % Surcharge: 5% CC Surcharge Fee 3.6% +0.4% CC/Invoice Stripe
Japanese ETC Info Support:
English ETC Info Support:
Free Toll Fee Quotes:
Life-Time Service Plan: Life-Time : Grandfathered Customers
Contract Service Plan: 1 Year Contract : Grandfathered Customers
No Contract Service Plan: ¥1,100 Fixed Monthly Use Card: ¥1200 or Don't Use: ¥0
Initial Activation Fee: ¥3,080 One-Time Fee ¥2,750 One-Time Fee
Pay via (ACH Withdrawl): ¥ Bank Transfer Only ¥ Bank Transfer Only $ (ACH Checking or Savings) Avail: JPN Bank Xfer /
Pay via (Credit Card): $ (Credit Card) ¥ (All Major Cards)
Pay via (Checking/Savings): $ (Checking or Savings Card) ¥ (Use Wise)
ETC Monthly Invoices: Japanese Language Japanese Language English Language English or Japanese Language
ETC Monthly Reports: Japanese Language Japanese Language Japanese Language English or Japanese Language
Recommended ETC Route:
Verifies (Shaken) Title:
Verifies ETC Setup Doc:
Enroll Mileage Discounts:
Mileage ETC Discounts:
End of Year Road Tax:
Refer-a-Friend Program: Refer-A-Friend
Online Invoices/Reports:
24-Hour ETC Support:
Live Chat Available:
Notifications of ETC Info:
Bonuses & Giveaways:
Automated Billing:
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