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Why Join Us?

Japanese/English Qualified ETC Specialists Support

Japanense Bank (ATM Transfer Payment Optional)

US Debit/Credit Card Options (Visa/MasterCard/Discover)

Monthly Bills Available in English

You Don't Pay Unless You Use The ETC card..

Breakdown of toll road usage in English

ETC Website in English - Explanation of Discounts

Free Toll Fee Quotes


SOFA, MOFA, MOC, Retired, All Foreigners In Japan Eligible


Multiple Service Plans Available


Earn Points/Miles via US Credit Card

Refer-A-Friend Program (Earn Free Service)

End of Year ETC Usage Tax Reports Consolidated

Entire Month's ETC Usage, Charged Following Month

30 Day Money Back Guarantee - Not Happy With Our Services (Full Refund)


Yes. There is an initial setup fee of ¥2750. To cover processing expenses of the ETC card, shipping costs, and welcome package this initial fee is required.

Yes, If you are on the "Pay As You Go" plan which is no contract you can cancel anytime. If you decide that Japan ETC Card isnt the best solution for you, simply login to your account, and go to the "Request To Cancel Service" through your account. If you are on a "1 Year Contract" plan you can cancel at the completion of the 1 year contract. Since its pre-paid annually, there is no cancellation option. Once the 1 Year contract is completed, you are immediately switched back over to a "Pay As You Go" plan, which you can then immediately cancel with no additional costs. If you are on the "Pay Once, Never Pay Again" plan you have basically signed up to be a member of our service during the time you remain in Japan.

Its up to you. We have no contract plans available, as well as a 1 year contract plan. There is also a life-time plan, where you pay one time, and you receive JapanETCcard services for lifetime. If you are on a "1 Year Contract" plan you can cancel at the completion of the 1 year contract. Since its pre-paid annually, there is no cancellation option. Once the 1 Year contract is completed, you are immediately switched back over to a "Pay As You Go" plan, which you can then immediately cancel with no additional costs.contract plans available. When you are on a contract plan, if you do not use the tolls within that month, you are just extended an additional month of service. We will not count one of the months unless you actually use the toll. You are also eligible for refer-a-friend benefits, which earn extended free service.

When you initially signup for service and receive the ETC card, you are on a "Pay As You Go" plan. This will allow you to also try the services for the first month, and after 30 days if you are not happy with our program, you can easily cancel the service. Once you have decided you would like to opt in for either the 1 Year Contract plan or the Pay Once, Never Pay Again plan, just login to your account, and select Billing Options. The Contract Plans, and Pay Once, Never Pay Again plan are billed at one time, which will take place on the following months billing cycle after you have made the change in the billing option.

We take security seriously. Our Servers are hosted in a world class data center that is protected by biometric locks and 24-hour surveillance. We ensure that our application is always up to date with the latest security patches. Our data-center is safe and all Japan ETC Card plans include SSL encryption to keep your data safe.

We support US credit cards & Debit cards Initial deposit and monthly charges are charged to the credit card number on file.  Customers can always update their credit card on file by logging into the website, and updating their payment method.  Customers are required to keep their payment methods current and not allow them to expire or be delinquent with unpaid charges.

* Cash, Direct Deposit, ACH & American Express Cards WILL NOT be accepted as payment methods.
We also have the ability for clients wishing to pay via Japanese Bank Tranfer option. If interested please just let us know, and we will provide you transfer banking instructions to use Japanese ATM.

If you want to get a second ETC card for your second vehicle this is what you would have to do: To get your second ETC card, you will have to create another account with a different email address as the username (all the rest of the information can be the same as your first account if you would like). Once this is done we will be notified that you have created a second account. Since we know you would like another ETC card we would link the two accounts together. We would need the paperwork for your other vehicle for your second account (Shaken and ETC Setup document). Or if you have submitted documents for your secondary vehicle and would like for us to move your secondary vehicle to your new account just inform us. Once we process the paperwork we email you to log on to do the deposit. Since this will be your second ETC card the deposit will be ¥20,000 vice ¥40,000.

Initial deposit can be split into 2 payments of ¥20,000. If a customer would like multiple cards, each additional card requires ¥20,000 additional added to the account.Deposit is required due to customers monthly billing cycles always two months behind. Due to expired credit cards, declined cards, and fraud we must maintain the deposit on hand until the customer decides to cancel their JapanETCcard services. Upon canceling services the deposit will be refunded to the credit card on file. Our billing cycle, when we charge your credit card, you are always (2) months behind with ETC charges. So for example: When you use the tolls for the month of January, you will not pay for January toll charges, until the last day of the month on February. February's charges will be billed at the end of March on the last day of the month. Due to the fact that we have a high percentage of customers who get declined on their monthly payments, and because the customers are provided an unlimited credit line, we must minimize the risk of a customer who has trouble paying for their toll charges in any given month. If a customer was to be declined when we conduct billing, they are actually (2) months behind with billing. Imagine if 400 of our customers were to all decline in the same given month and we had no deposit on hand. It would force our company to be responsible 100% for all of your toll charges, and hope that you will respond to our requests to settle the unpaid charges. We cannot accept this risk, and to avoid this situation, the security deposit is in place, that if a customer was to be declined, the funds from the deposit will help to pay for the unpaid charges.

We know that military families are always on the move, whether due to deployment or visits to the States. In any calendar month under the Pay As You Go or 1 Year Contract plans, that your card is not used, you will not be charged for that months service fee. If you are on a contract plan, you will simply be extended an additional month of service for free since you pre-paid for 12 months of service.

Monthly toll charges are charged via a US credit card or debit card (VISA / MASTERCARD / DISCOVER), and converted from the local currency rate in Japan.  Due to the constant change in the currency exchange rate, each month it may fluctuate.  We provide a detailed monthly breakdown statement which will provide the total months bill exchange rate.

The fluctuation of the dollar to yen rate adjusts each month, which affected the toll usage you had accumulated previously. Due to the constant change in the currency exchange rate, each month it may fluctuate. International transactions naturally expose companies to an element of currency risk through forex market volatility. The cross-border transaction Fee, foreign exchange fee, card company fee, are all fees that our processing gateway, and processing provider charge us for each and every transaction. Depending on the type of cards customers have, lets say mileage points, rewards, etc, fees on our end can increase significantly. A balance must be achieved by the selling party, between their own willingness to take this risk and the possibility of losing customers who are unwilling to shoulder this risk themselves, especially where a locally purchased option reduces the cost and bureaucracy of handling foreign currency.

Yes, we do have a Japanese Bank Transfer method. We will provide clients with the option to pay entirely by Japanese bank method. Customers will be provided a PDF invoice every month in which they are given a few additional weeks to ensure they make the payment by wire. Customers in Japan DO NOT have to have a Japanese bank account to conduct a bank to bank transfer. It can be done entirely by ATM. We provide customers instructions how to send funds via most major and non major banks throughout Japan to make it very easy and less stressful. Customers can also register our details and some ATMs will provide you a paper print out card which makes it that much easier to conduct a bank to bank transfer without having an real account the bank, because you are simply only sending someone funds. This makes it extremely easy to use your local bank and transfer entirely in Japanese yen and send funds to pay your monthly bill if you prefer not to use credit card option.

If after 30 days you find that you are not pleased with our services, we will refund the deposit, the initial setup fee, and your monthly service fee will be waived. If you had the ETC unit installed and activated, we will not reimburse the expenses that you had to pay at AUTOBACS or YELLOWHAT. Before we can refund the deposit and initial setup fee to the customer, we must wait until the following month from the last time you used the ETC tolls to ensure you do not have an outstanding balance before we return the deposit. The funds will be returned back to the credit card on file. You will still be responsible for any ETC charges that you made on the card while you used it. That will not be written off because those were charges that you made. The monthly service fee would be waived and the deposit/initial setup fee will be returned. A customer may only receive the 30 day money back guarantee one time. If a customer attempts to register a second time in the future, he or she may not be eligible for this refund.