What Our Customer’s Say About Our ETC Card Service

  Wise Refund Testimonials 

Thank you so much for making getting an ETC card so painless!! The staff was super friendly and helpful!! If we come back to Yokosuka we’ll definitely be using this company again!! Highly recommend!!



  none / Yokosuka / Yokosuka / USS Antietam

Japanetccard was great. It was super easy to get signed up and use! Customer services was always timely, and they sent out emails to ensure information about how to use the ETC card, and how to change things on your account online was explained well! If I wasn't moving away for good I would definitely keep this and tell all my friends to use it too!




Good service. I didn't use it much but I'm glad I had an ETC account.



  U.S. Navy / U.S. Naval Base Yokosuka / FPO0 / SRF-JRMC

Your card saved me so much time getting to work! Thank you for being awesome!



  US Naval Hospital Okinawa / Camp Foster / FPO / US Naval Hospital Okinawa

The freedom and stress-free use of ETC provides is absolutely wonderful. No more hassle of trying to find the change or ensuring you have enough yen makes the expressway a more enjoyable experience overall.



  U.S. Navy / MCAS Iwakuni / Iwakuni / VAQ-141

Using the Japan ETC Card was so convenient. Your services were so helpful and timely.



  Darby Elementary school / CFAS / Sasebo / Dodea

Great service sad to leave Japan



  United States Navy / Yokosuka Naval Base / FPO / CVN 76

Thank you for the great service while we were posted to Japan!



  US Department of State / US Embassy Tokyo / DPO / US Embassy Tokyo

Thank you very much for your excellent service.



  SRF-JRMC Yokosuka / Yokosuka / FPO / SRF-JRMC Yokosuka

Great service.



  US Army / Camp Zama / APO / USAABJ

While I was stationed in Japan using JapanETCcard card was very helpful and I used it a lot when using the toll roads. I would do very frequent trips during the winter whenever I went to the ski resorts. I Loved the service.



  Air Force / Misawa AB / APO / 35 FW

Great service. If I return to Japan ever I will definitely use the service again



  United States Army / Camp Zama / APO / USARJ

I am moving out of Japan. Thank you for the service.



  DoDEA / Yokosuka Naval Base / FPO / The Sullivans School

Worked great. Would use it again next time in Japan.



  USMC / Camp Kinser / FPO / CLR-37

No complaints. Would use again.



  USMC / Camp Kinser / FPO / CLR-37

Excellent service. Thank you for the 5 years of support.



  USN / Naval Air facility atsugi / FPO / HSM-77

Fantastic service, quick and efficient! Invaluable for new arrivals to Japan!



  Altpoint Japan K.K. / Non applicable / Minato-ku / Non applicable

Very easy and convenient setup process. Highly recommend using the service.



  US Navy / NAF Atsugi / Yokohama / HSC-12

Very convenient and will use again if I can come back to Japan.



  US Navy / Atsugi / FPO / Naval Air Facility Atsugi

Great service!



  United States Air Force / Yokota Air Base / APO / 374th AW/CVK

ETC is the only way to travel the freeways of Japan. I recommend your service to everyone I know.

Customer service is top-notch. Any and every question I had was always answered quickly and professionally. Thank you!



  USN / NAF Atsugi / FPO / CFWP

This card made a huge, positive impact on our road travels around Japan.



  RAAF / Yokota / APO / United Nations Command

Wonderful service! Thank you. Appreciate your company.



  MTW / Chiba / Chuoku / Chiba

ETC was a great benefit to me during my time in Japan.

If I find myself in Japan and ETC is around, I will apply again.



  US Navy / Commander, Fleet Activities Sasebo / FPO / USS America

Having an ETC card has been very convenient.



  USN / Hansen / Yaka kin-cho / 3rd dental Battalion

Great ETC!



  USN / Yokosuka / FPO / ATGWP

Thank you for making road trips so much easier in Japan!! Thanks for being user-friendly, responsive to all inquiries, and thoroughly answering all my questions.



  Lockheed Martin / Misawa / APO / 35FW / 3AW

It Was Good



  Unitee States Navy / Yokosuka Naval Base / Yokosuka / USS ANTIETAM

Fantastic service that made my traveling in Japan a breeze!



  Navy / Yokosuka / FPO / CFAY

Thank you for the outstanding service!



  USN / Yokosuka / FPO / CNRJ

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