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  Wise Refund Testimonials 

It was so great to be stress free when driving around Japan. I never had to worry about which roads I drove or if I had enough yen to cover tolls.



  United States Navy / Yokosuka Naval Base / FPO / CSG-7

Japan ETC has been a great service! Highly recommend



  volunteer / Camp Zama / APO / n/a

I used Japan ETC for 3 years. The process of getting the card shipped to Yokota was simple. 100% satisfied. Thank you



  USAF / Yokota / APO / 5th Air Force

As a foreigner, I was skeptical at first about using this service. Mainly, about the set-up process and continued service. However, Japan ETC Card services have been outstanding from beginning to end. Starting an account was simple and quick as they do an outstanding job in explaining everything step by step in perfect English. I highly recommend this service as it saved my countless hours commuting around Okinawa, and I even used my card in Mainland while renting a car. Great Service. Your service was top-notch. Thank you for making things so simple.



  USMC / Camp Kinser / FPO / 3d Marine Logistics Group

Google maps doesn’t know some exits are ETC only. Having a card removes anxiety about getting fined for using the exit without a card. Customer service was excellent. Highly recommend this service.



  NA / YokotaAB / Apo / 374 MDG

Etc services were easy to use, friendly and professional. Responses were extremely fast and I saved a lot of money during my time in Japan thanks to my ETC card. Thank you.




Having an ETC card has been very beneficial in our travels throughout Japan. Makes it convenient and fast when getting on and off the expressway.



  US Navy / MCAS Iwakuni, Japan / FPO / NMRTU Iwakuni

Having the ETC card from JapanETC has been so convenient and made traveling around Japan (even Okinawa when we visited) such a breeze!!! We will never not have on if we are ever stationed in Japan again!



  USN / Yokosuka / FPO / CVN 76 USS Ronald Raegan

As more and more toll roads convert to ETC only, this was a great and convenient service for foreigners like me. The process was very easy to understand and fast. I didn’t have to go through my bank or anyone else. Would definitely recommend this service to others.



  Fukui Board of Education / Fukui / Sakai / Sakai city

Using you service has made travel in Japan much easier. There are many exits that are ETC only and I'm glad I never had to worry about those. Thank You.

Thank you for 6 good years of service.



  Kinnick High School / Yokosuka / FPO / DoDEA

I have really enjoyed the convenience of the service during my time in Japan and would recommend to anyone.



  Navy / Iwakuni / FPO / AIMD Iwakuni

Great service, absolutely loved the ability to have an ETC and your services were straightforward and convenient.



  Puget Sound Naval Shipyard / Yokosuka Naval Base / FPO / Department of the Navy

Fantastic service, never had an issue,10/10 would recommend.



  CNRJ NAF HR / Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka / FPO / USS RAFAEL PERALTA

Very easy to work with and we used everyday here on Okinawa. Avoid traffic, stop paying at every toll. No reason why anyone stationed here should be without an ETC card. Also makes renting a car in mainland super easy. Can claim on DTS as well if traveling for work around Tokyo and need to pay tolls.



  USN / Camp Butler / FPO / III MEF

Super easy for our family here on Okinawa. I have no idea why anyone is driving on ETC lanes without an ETC card these days.



  USN / Camp Butler / FPO / III MEF

This service was great and very easy! Thank you for making it easy!



  USN / CFAY / FPO / Ronald Reagan

It was very useful. Good Job.



  US NAVY / Atsugi / FPO / HSM - 77

Very helpful service! Easy to setup and manage, much simpler than linked to Japanese bank account in my opinion. I’d recommend strongly.



  Nissan Motor Co., LTD / Nissan Technical Centre / Ebina / N/A

Service is invaluable.



  U.S. Federal Government / Yokosuka / FPO / Naval Criminal Investigative Service

Extremely easy to sign up for, use & cancel. I’ve recommended JapanETC to everyone I’ve had ETC conversations with.




I have been a happy user of the Japan ETC Card for the past three years. The team has always been professional and kind, and their customer service is exceptional. If I ever get the opportunity to revisit Japan, I will definitely use their services again.



  Yokosuka Middle School / Yokosuka Naval Base / FPO / DoDEA

Thank you for the ease of use over the last three years! We will miss Japan!



  None / Yokosuka / FPO / NMRTC Yokosuka

Great service, great customer support!! 10/10 Recommend!



  USMC / Camp Schwab / Nakagami Gun / 3D MLG, 3D Supply Bn

I am extremely pleased with the services provided. Highly recommend & will use again if I ever return to Japan.



  United States Navy / United States Fleet Activities Yokosuka / Yokosuka / USS BENFOLD

This has been a Wonderful service and very easy to use. I loved having an etc card and couldn’t have done it without this website.



  USMC / Hansen / Onna / 12th Marines

Your service to obtain and use the ETC card was amazing. I will miss having it but since I’m returning to the states, I will no longer need it.



  USMC / MCAS Iwakuni / FPO / 3rd Network Bn

I had no issues going through your company. Only wish we did it sooner and as soon as we got here. You all are amazing and thank you for helping the military families navigate the toll road situation here in Japan. If we come back here again, we will use your services again. Thank you!



  United States Navy / Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka / FPO / Navy Medicine Readiness and Training Command Yokosuka Japan

The services have been great.



  United States Navy / Yokota Air Base / APO / United States Forces Japan

Japan ETC card was a great convenient business to use. Everything they said was true and all steps are easy to follow including the online steps. If I end up back in Japan, I will utilize this business again. Thank you for your service.



  Navy / Yokosuka / FPO / Ronald Reagan

The ETC Program was very simple and easy to set up and use.
I have had the card for more than 5 years and I have never had an issue. Saved so much time and stress free looking for yen to pay




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